Wheatstock IV
Awards Ceremony

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August 11, 2007
Topeka, KS

On Saturday August 11th 2007, at Wheatstock IV (A local acoustic music showcase and fundraiser for restoration of the Historic Jayhawk Theatre), Kerry Livgren was presented with the Wheatstock 2007 Lifetime Achievement Award. In addition, Andy McKee was presented with the Wheatstock 2007 Performer of the Year Award. Jake Livgren, Kerry's nephew and bandmate in Kerry's group ProtoKaw, was asked by Doug Ruth (event promoter) to present the awards. A few days before the event Andy and Jake decided it would be cool to do "Dust In The Wind." Below are pics from that event.

photos by Danl Blackwood
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Hanging out before the awards at Wheatstock were (clockwise from left) Diana McKee (Andy's step-mom), Jake Livgren, Jarrod Guth, and Andy McKee. While Jake's wife Mary (left) looks on, my girlfriend Sharidy fawns over Jake's adorable son Hayden. Andy McKee (left) and Jarrod Guth (right) accompany Jake on a very cool arrangement of "Dust In The Wind." Andy and Jake
p8110009.jpg p8110010.jpg p8110011.jpg p8110013.jpg
Jake of course wails on his unlce Kerry's famous ballad. Jake introduces uncle Kerry ... ... and presents him with the Wheatstock 2007 Lifetime Achievement Award. Kerry humbly accetps and gives us a little history on the song "Dust In The Wind."
p8110015.jpg p8110016.jpg p8110019.jpg p8110020.jpg
Jake then presents Andy with the Wheatstock 2007 Performer of the Year Award. Andy shared that "Dust In The Wind" was the very first song he ever learned using finger-style picking. Hanging out after the awards were Jake, his sister Britta Livgren, and his wife Mary. Isn't it awful that Hayden doesn't get any attention? I missed a chance to get Hayden's big sister Lyda trying to climb into the water fountain.
p8110023.jpg p8110026.jpg
Posing for pics for local media - Andy, Jake, Kerry, and Jarrod Me and Kerry. I'm wearing my very rare ProtoKaw shirt with 1973 World Tour dates on the back.

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