Dusty Little Feet
recording session scrapbook

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Tara Wilson was the engineer for both projects - the previous release "Dying Dreams" and the new "Dusty Little Feet". Here she is pictured at the sound console at the WhiteHouse Studio in Nashville. Michael Aukofer - who produced both of Eric's first albums (as well as other artists) is playing drums at the White House Studio - laying down the drum tracks for "Dusty Little Feet"
Robbie Reider - a friend of Eric's from Cincinnati who plays with him occasionally live - played solo accoustic guitar and layed down second guitar tracks on a number of the songs. Robbie's wife, Dana Reider (here with Eric and Robbie), took some of these pictures and did the layout art design for the new re-mixed "Dying Dreams" CD.
Here's the Beggarman Productions team - Robin (who also took some of these pictures) and her husband Frank Wood with Eric in Nashville during the recording sessions. The "Rally" T-shirt Eric is wearing was worn the entire two weeks during the sessions.
Jerry McPherson, who played most of the guitars, is talented and prolific studio musician. He has played on many CCM recordings, and you may have seen him touring with Amy Grant.
Eric playing on "They Will Be Missed" at the Carport Studio. Ross Hauck, Eric's brother playing cello with the "Hauck string quartet". Ross also helped arrange the string parts on the song "Walk with me"
What a gift to have all four of the Hauck kids come together to record the string parts on the album. During their growing up years, Erin (above left), Eric, Ross, and Rosanne (above right) played often as a quartet. This album was the first time in a few years they have all played together. What fun. Rosanne Leafblad, flying in from Fort Worth with her husband Stewart, used her Texas blood to play a mean fiddle on the song "Hobo Joe". Here Eric sets up for her on one of a couple songs where she sang harmony.
Erin Snell - now this is real talent. How can she do both of those at once? She was tapping her foot too, you just can't see it. Erin did a great job on the violin.
Michael producing at the Carport Studio.
Michael also played all the percussion on the album. Here he is playing a trash can lid on the song "Steppin' Still." Eric at the Carport studio console trying to feel important and fake like he knows what he is doing.
Rita Hauck, Eric's mom and Carrie Theobald of the singing group Alathea at the Carport studio. It was great support to have the whole family present for the recording. Carrie and the other members of Alathea - Mandee Radford and Cristi Johnson, were a great help during the recording. They helped engineer and Cristi sang some background harmony.
Eric's entire immediate family came in for the recording, and decided to take some time to celebrate the family Christmas while everyone was together. Here, just after opening gifts - crammed in the hotel room, which made a pretty nice "living room" for the Christmas celebration - is pictured (back row from left to right) Stewart Leafblad, Rosanne Leafblad (Eric's sister), Eric, and Doc Snell (Erin's husband). Seated, (front row from left to right) are Rita Hauck (mom), Laura Hauck (Ross' wife), Erin Snell (sister), Ross Hauck (brother), and Bob Hauck (dad).
Eric and Michael go over the checksheets that list all the songs and parts to be recorded. Another highlight of the recording was bringing in rap artist William "RifRaff" Sterns (center in MECCA sweatershirt), and his posse from Illinois to rap on the song "Crazy." "RifRaff" tore it up on the rhymes. Pictured with him are some of the other muscians (from left to right) Eric, Chris Donahue (bass), JR, "RifRaff", JD, Tara Wilson, and Michael Aukofer. Chris Donahue played bass on both of Eric's albums. He plays a great upright bass as well as fretless.
Immediately after finshing up the album, Eric celebrated by burning the "checksheets" (see above) and also the "Rally" T-shirt. Then Eric took a week to get away and reflect during a time of solitude. Here he is at the catholic monastery in Gethsemane, KY where he spent the week. Isaiah 30:15 says it best - "In quietness and trust is your strength, in repentance and rest is your salvation, says the Lord."

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