Shalalie - St Pats 2005

March 17, 2005
11:00am, Downtown Topeka
Celtic Street Fair Stage

photos by Stan "the Man" Jones
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Blackwood Music History Scrapbook

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There was a bit of delay getting the sound set up You can see the St Pats Parade in the background preparing get under way The Celtic Street Fair Stage was in the middle of 8th Street in front of The Celtic Fox with bands playing from 11am to 4:30pm
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Everyone was pretty patient (ha!) OK, so this dog was not so patient... Even though it was before noon, everyone was getting into the St Pats Day spirit.
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Then "Shalalie" took the stage Shalalie was (right to left) Kenny Smith and Wyndi Senogles (of Bridges), Danny Blackwood (on bass and a week later an official member of Bridges), and Harry Muldrow (saxman par excellence). Danny (right) and Harry were last minute additions to Shalalie, which was originally going to be just Kenny and Wyndi.
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Harry wailing on the sax
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Wyndi Kenny
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love that hat :-)
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The group played "All Van Morrison - All Day" Kenny's daughter Ellie joined the group for a couple tunes
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quite the voice for such a young gal! The group played later at the 6th Street Ballroom and The Celtic Fox later that evening. It was definitely a full day of music.
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Thanks to "Stan the Man" for these pics (here in his awesome self-potrait). Then the parade was under way...

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