Dusty Little Feet
CD Release Party
College Hill Presbyterian Church
Cincinnati, OH
30 March 2000, 7:00pm

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Eric Hauk's CD Release Party had come and there was a joy on his face as he looked out to a crowd of nearly 200 people. Eric looks to his left, and thinks, "there's nothing left to do but smile-smile-smile." I think Eric was simply basking in the sweetness of it all! Robbie Reider focuses intently on what his role is--kickin' out fat guitar leads! Robbie has been supporting Eric on lead guitar when Eric's in town. Robbie is also a prolific songwriter and musician. He is one of the worship leaders at one of the Vineyard Community Churches in town, he also plays leads and vocals in a local band called Lux. He's a huge addition to Eric's sound!
This picture speaks for itself--Eric is way into "The Cry." Eric paused before the end of the first set to share words of hope with the crowd. He shared that even though God allows suffering in our world, we are called to be the hands, heart, and feet of Christ - we are called to bring hope! (hence the inspiration for his song "Be The Hands.") Eric comments during the show that his sister, Erin Snell, is one of the more admired people in his life. She has proved to live in obedience and to walk as close to the path of godly existence as possible. As Eric's family comes across as a 21st Century 'Partridge Family,' (in other words, they ALL jam something or the other), Erin joined Eric periodically throughout the show either on vocals or violin. Here, she grooves a blue-grassy fiddle on the tune, "Hobo Joe," written by Eric and his buddy Alex Dirksen.
Ross Hauck (Eric's brother) takes a break now and then from his opera studies to perform as the "Chairman of the Boards". Ross threw in some nice vocal harmonies throughout the show and saw to it his versatility on the keys was an asset to the band and the collective sounds of others. Ethan Pagliaro has also come out and played with Eric several times. He claims that he never plays or practices, but he beats the "toms" like there is no tomorrow! He has filler beats that allow Eric's tunes to carry a groovy, thick sound. On the slower tunes like "All Along," "Love Complete," and "Be the Hands," Ethan keeps it going! On faster tunes, "Poetry..." and "Crazy," Ethan just gets sick!
K.C. is one of the sweetest bass players Cincinnati has to offer. He kicked out a bass solo during "Steppin' Still" that was awesome and brought a cheer from the crowd. K.C. plays with tremendous attitude, and ... look out bassworld ... he's going to be a monster!!! He's great and has done lots to support Eric on stage locally. This picture of Robbie Reider (right), Laura Hauck (middle, and Eric's sis-in-law), and Eric comes at the end of the show when Eric led into "Trust" and went straight into a couple worship songs with the audience. After completing "We Bow Down," Eric re-entered into "Trust" and closed the show on that note.
Eric spent some time afterwards hanging out with the Cincinnati crowd. The autograph session was a good time for Eric to hug and thank some of his hometown supporters. All the kids were diggin' hanging out with Eric. Eric passed out some of his posters in assembly-line fashion as he visited with friends. This show was a good time for Eric and was one great CD Release Party!

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