Protokaw in Concert
The Kansas City Music Blues and Jazz Festival 2006
The Woodlands Horse Track
Sept 2, 2006

Blackwood Music History Scrapbook

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The KC Jazzfest was awesome. Click here for more info on the festival. The weather was great and so was the crowd. A few agreed it was not quite as nice as festivals in the past that used to be at Penn Park, but the venue, Woodland Park Horse Track, was a nice big venue with good seating for all.
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The guys started late again because the previous band apparently had a dispute with the promoters, and started very late.
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At one point Kerry approached the mic to ask, "Does this really qualify as jazz?"
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Quite a few people came down out of the seats to stand at the stage.
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After ProtoKaw, we stuck around a bit to watch Bo Diddley. Even at 77, he still had it...
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...and the crowd loved it!
Blackwood Music History Scrapbook