Protokaw in Concert
Dogstock Music Festival 2006
Melvern, KS
Sept 1, 2006

Blackwood Music History Scrapbook

This Labor Day weekend by buddy Chris Livgren invited me to roadie again for ProtoKaw after having not seen the guys for over a year. So my girlfriend, Cheryl, and I packed up and hit the road to Melvern KS Friday night to Randy Long's place where Dogstock 2006 was raring to go.

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Yours truly, Danl Blackwood, getting ready to setup for Dogstock 2006 Kerry visits with his old manager from the Gimlets (sorry, can't remember his name) who just happened to be there. Dogstock creator, Randy Long (cart driver), according to Kerry, is the "nicest promoter I've ever met." Click here for more info on Dogstock.
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Kerry is trying out one of the Dailey Amps brought by Dennis Dailey. Hanging out after setup. (clockwise from lower left) Cheryl Whitman (Danl's girlfriend), Crystal (Cheri's daughter), Jake Livgren, Cheri Livgren (Chris' wife), Chris Livgren, Dan Wright's wife (can't remember her name), Laurie Gibson (Rob's wife). The band prepares for sound check.
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Mike Patrum on drums Chris Livgren (our road crew boss) and brother Kerry discuss setup. Gavin, Jake Livgren's step-son, prepares to hijack a golf cart.
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Jake was playing football in the field and somehow ended up with one of the vendor's dogs. Rob Gibson (road crew) jams on Jake's guitar almost ready...
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The first time I saw Mike play was his first gig with PK in Wichita. The rhythm section ensemble sound between Mike and Craig was AWESOME! Craig Kew's bass amp was having some problems during sound check and he ended up having to borrow one later that evening. John Bolton (l.) and Dan Wright (r.) patiently wait for sound check
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Craig Kew (l.) and Kerry Livgren (r.) tuning up... ...and finally we're ready for sound check
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Dan Wright's keyboards are sometimes subtle, but always tasty. There weren't very many people there in the late afternoon, and it was an indication of the small crowd later.
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Dutch Dehnert (PK manager), sings for Lyn who was absent from sound check. His father had passed away earlier in the week and he was attending the viewing.
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After a couple other bands, ProtoKaw takes the stage at almost midnight.
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Craig wailing on his bass solo. Lyn was the consumate performer, especially since the sad turn of events earlier in the week. Kerry's solos were awesome as usual.
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Everything about the concert was awesome (except the getting to bed at 4am).
Blackwood Music History Scrapbook