Nichole Nordeman
February 26, 1999

Blackwood Music History Scrapbook

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Nichole Nordeman (right) arrived at the KTLI studios at 7:00am on Friday, February 26th to join Craig West (left) and Tim Brown (center) for the morning show. Nichole was in town as part of a Borders Books and Music mini-tour.
Craig ordered up some cappucino and donuts. Nichole, who last month received a nomination for Best New Artist, talked about her music, her songwriting, and her walk with Christ in the short hour visit. (Nichole wanted me to remind you IT'S 7:00 IN THE MORNING!)
Craig and Tim were their usual wacky selves - even playing for Nichole their latest recording of the Norseman performing one of Nichole's songs, claiming they wrote it first - funny stuff. In fact, just before this picture was taken, Craig and Tim were mercilessly pummeling Nichole in a pretend attack. (Sorry - missed the shot. Doh!)

Later that afternoon, Jim Pearson broadcast his afternoon show remote from Borders Books and Music, in preparation for Nichole's concert that evening. In addition to visiting with the crowd and conducting prize drawings (posters, cassettes, CD's, T-shirts, etc.), Jim interviewed Nichole before her performance.
Right before Nichole sang for us, Jim threw out the rest of the prizes... ... to the delight of the crowd.
As you can see, there was a considerably large turn-out; over a hundred folks made it for the free performance. Having just performed recently in Wichita (touring with Out Of The Grey), it was obvious many in attendance were "return customers."
In addition to having a wonderful voice, her straight-forward songwriting recieves a lot of attention. It was definitely a treat having Nichole Nordeman with us for the day, and I would guess that many will be rooting for her (for Best New Artist) the evening of the Dove Awards.
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