John Michael Talbot
w/ Eric Hauck, Terry Talbot, and Barry McGuire
Cave of the Heart Tour

February 4, 2000 - Hutchinson, KS

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Eric played cello in John Michael Talbot's band for the 29 shows of this spring tour. The tenor range of the cello fit perfectly with John Michael's contemplative style. For the "up-beat" tunes of the show, Eric got to play the electric bass. A few songs from JMT's new album "Cave of the Heart" were more rockin' than JMT is known for - but good, none the less. Eric on bass with drummer/ percussion player Roland Guerrerro in the background. Here they jam to the tune "Table of Plenty".
Sitting down, in his typical fashion, JMT still can tear it up on the steel string guitar. It's great monk music. How does he not get his big sleeves caught in the strings? Most of the shows were played in Catholic churches around the USA - from Bangor, Maine to California (these first few pics are at Holy Cross in Hutchinson, KS) - this tour covered many parts of the country.
Pictured here is JMT with his older brother Terry Talbot (left) - founder of the old accoustic rock group "Mason Prophet" - and Barry McGuire (right) - who recorded the 1965 hit "Eve of Destruction." There was a lot of history on this tour. JMT, Terry, Barry, and Eric jam to the "Cave Of The Heart". Eric, as the youngest member of the tour, was affectionately called "grasshopper" by the members of the group. still jammin'

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Who knows what Eric's doing here - could it be his latino interpretive dance he performed during intermission? Or the song "if I were a rich man" from fiddler on the roof? Who knows. In his concert gear (all black) Eric enjoys varying his instruments as he plays - all cello wouldn't be as fun! Here is Eric, then Terry Talbot (center), then Barry Mcguire (right) in concert. With all three of them on vocal harmony, the songs felt really complete and full.

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