Bekah Frees in Concert
Goessel Threshing Days
Goessel KS, August 3, 2002

Blackwood Music History Scrapbook
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Bekah and the guys played at the historic Gossel Threshing Days, and here Danl's sister, Judy Hudson (an a avid bicyclist) checks out one of the displays - a rare "flying bicycle." Since Danl's mom was taking the pictures, we got lots of his family - from left (in the flag shirt), Bill Blackwood (dad), Diane (wife), Jessie (daughter), Judy (sister), and Britta (daughter). Then it was time for Bekah and the guys. The weather was pretty hot, but under the tent and with a cool breeze, it wasn't too bad.
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Bekah will be finishing up her final semester at Friends University and graduate this December On guitar (and banjo), Matt Kaiser, will start college this fall at Bethel College in Newton Danl (webmaster) Blackwood is playing Matt's twelve string (and loving it!)
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Here the group pulls out the "bluegrass" instruments to play some good 'ol traditional Gospel. Bekah's vocal range is amazing, convering Gospel to Pop to Country Rock. ...and even lets Danl sing once and a while...
Blackwood Music History Scrapbook