DC Talk, Jennifer Knapp, & The W's
Century II Convention Center, Wichita KS
March 16, 1999

Blackwood Music History Scrapbook

DC Talk, Jennifer Knapp, and the W's
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Jim Pearson, broadcasting live from Century II, got there early and was keeping us posted as to the progress of the stage setup. Looking like a prime candidate to represent the U.S. in the olympic prize tossing event, Jim heaves t-shirts to the crowd before the concert.

The evening was kicked off by the W's, from Corvallis, OR (They all met at Oregon State University). Andrew "Little A" Schar fronted the band on lead vocal and guitar. This swing ska band (with the emphasis on swing) played a couple songs from their new release Fourth From The Last on 5 Minute Walk Records.
While the horn section got pretty crazy, they still played very well. From the left is, James "Yabbo" Carter on alto sax, Val "Valentino" Hellman on tenor sax, and Bret "Smiley" Barker on trumpet. While playing their hugely successful number single, "The Devil is Bad," they really got things "jumping."
A couple times, Bret just couldn't resist running over to help the rhythm section, Todd "Rodd W" Gruener on bass and Brian "Nigel" Morris on drums. (Is it true Brian got the gig, because the original drummer broke his arm in a skateboard accident?) Andrew was just dying to show us his trick. He never did swallow it though.

Next up was Chanute, Kansas native Jennifer Knapp. Of course, when Jennifer asked if anyone made it over from Chanute (just a couple hours east of Wichita), she got alot of shouts from the what seemed the like the entire left side of the crowd.
The last time Jennifer was here (just about a year ago with Audio Adrenaline and The Supertones), she was the opening solo act (and still rocked the house). This trip she brought a band. At left on lead guitar, "Monster Axeman" Joel McReight. She really rocked the house this time with the help of Tony Lucido on bass guitar, and Clint Stapleton on drums.
This young lady was honored with an impressive five 1999 Dove Award nominations (Song of the Year for "Undo Me," Female Vocalist of the Year, New Artist of the Year, Rock Recorded Song of the Year for "Undo Me," and Rock Album of the Year for Kansas.) No surprise there, especially after hearing her live twice now, and enjoying that very powerful voice (reminiscent of Bonnie Raitt), and her wonderful songwriting and witness for Christ. All this from someone who just seven years ago was a non-believer playing trumpet in the Marching Gorillas band at Pittsburg State University, and didn't pickup the guitar until a year later.

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