Crosspoint Worship Band
August 07, 2007
Gage Park Baptist Church
Topeka, KS

Blackwood Music History Scrapbook

On Saturday August 7th 2007, at Gage Park Baptist Church in Topeka I got to catch up with my old friend Eric Hauck and his wife Brittney. I first met Eric when he was playing in Rich Mullins' band, and later in Mitch McVicker's band. He and Britt went on to share their own ministry in their own band, Beggarman. While we've kept in touch, I had not seen Eric since he and Britt performed with Michael Aukofer's Appalachian Christmas Quartet in 2002 (see that scrapbook here). Since then they have settled down from constant travel and are raising their family and leading worship with this group at Northminster Presbyterian Church in Cincinnati OH. It was awesome to see them again (and their boys and Eric's parents, too!). I had forgotten how incredible their music is; the vocals and music and atmosphere of worship was beyond words.

photos by Danl Blackwood
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Crosspoint Worship Band - as the night begins explaining the vision for the night...not a concert, but a night of worship to adore our Risen King of HOPE Britt Hauck sings lead with husband, Eric Hauck playing next to her & Joe Hickey behind on percussion "let all things their creature bless..." turning our hearts to Christ
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Maureen Hickey - "Mo" tearing it up on the violin ... the youngest member of the worship band Rick Brantley on electric guitar, Kurt Knueven on bass, Betz Girlder on keys, and Joe Hickey on percussion Eric Hauck plays cello on the song "Jesus is He" as Eric finishes the cello solo, Britt prepares to join him on the harp
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Britt beautifully playing the celtic harp the music of the harp and cello leads to a time of quiet and reflection on the goodness and nearness of God Britt on mandolin, Eric on guitar, Kyle Smucker (drummer) also joins on the accoustic during the "quiet" section of the worhsip night full band in worship
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Eric singing the title track off their new worship album called "Declare" Britt leading in worship Kyle Smucker on the drumkit & Joe Hickey on percussion the screen visible above projected the words for people to sing along
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Britt and Eric leading a new song "O Sacred Head" - using the old hymn with a newer mixed contemporary chorus Eric jammin' on the outro of "O Sacred Head" as the night of worship concludes

Blackwood Music History Scrapbook

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