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February 10, 2007
The Celtic Fox
Topeka, KS

photos by Britta Blackwood
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Bridges played The Celtic Fox on Feb 10, 2007... ...and I got to jam with them for the first time since joining The BLT Band. Kozette joins us for a tune.
p2100014.jpg p2100015.jpg p2100020.jpg p2100022.jpg
Kenny Smith soloing Kozette
p2100023.jpg p2100024.jpg p2100029.jpg p2100031.jpg
(l. to. r.) Kenny Smith, Sam Hopper, Terry Proctor, and Wyndi Senogles
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p2100036.jpg p2100038.jpg p2100039.jpg p2100044.jpg
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my daughter, Britta (left), came up from Wichita to spend the evening with my girlfriend Sharidy and I, and took most of these pics.

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