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November 16, 2007
CASA Benefit, Warehouse 414
Topeka, KS

photos by Sharidy Fluke
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Bridges was invited for the second year to play at the big Benefit Party for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) of Shawnee County, Inc this year. In addition to the CASA Homes for the Holiday Tour, Warehouse 414 sponsored a botique and a big fundraiser party. Warehouse 414, the brainchild of interior designers Chris and John Grandmontagne, is 5,000 square feet of showroom space for furniture, accessories and artwork. Built in 1889, this historic building once housed the former Topeka Rapid Transit Power Station, and was first home to the trolley system that went from Oakland to Potwin to Quinton Heights. When we started setting up in a massive "side room" with (I'm guessing) a 40 foot ceiling and solid brick walls, I was bit worried the acoustics would be booming and loud. However once we got going, it was a pleasant surprise to hear the natural reverbation. You can tell from these pictures (and this wasn't even the main room), that it was a festive event.

pb160001.jpg pb160002.jpg pb160004.jpg pb160005.jpg
pb160007.jpg pb160009.jpg pb160010.jpg pb160012.jpg
pb160013.jpg pb160014.jpg pb160016.jpg pb160019.jpg
pb160020.jpg pb160022.jpg pb160023.jpg pb160028.jpg
pb160029.jpg pb160035.jpg pb160041.jpg pb160042.jpg
pb160044.jpg pb160047.jpg pb160048.jpg pb160049.jpg
pb160051.jpg pb160052.jpg pb160053.jpg pb160055.jpg
pb160057.jpg pb160058.jpg pb160061.jpg pb160066.jpg
pb160068.jpg pb160072.jpg pb160079.jpg pb160081.jpg
pb160084.jpg pb160085.jpg pb160087.jpg pb160089.jpg
pb160091.jpg pb160094.jpg pb160095.jpg pb160096.jpg
pb160097.jpg pb160102.jpg pb160126.jpg pb160130.jpg

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