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June 21, 2007
Brown Bag Lunch Series
TPAC, Topeka, KS

photos by Sharidy Fluke
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Ellie Arilyn was first to perform Ellie is Kenny Smith's daughter. Kenny (on guitar) was the musical director for the event. Next up was Mary on marimba
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The incredible 5-octave marimba behaved very well in the extremely humid weather. Patty King sang next. Almost all of her band, The Back Seat Boys, were there. Tom Krebs was present but in the audience on lunch break.
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Kozette (singing later) joined Danny Blackwood and Ren Richardson for background vocals behind Patty. The crowd had a great time dancing...
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... see what I mean? The little ones enjoyed it, too. Here is drummer Sam Hopper's granddaughter, Natalie. Kozette was up next.
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She said she had a blast... ...and belted it out.
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Harry Muldrow helped us out on sax for several tunes. Sam Hopper playing drums today, plays for both Bridges and Patty King bands. Wyndi Senogles, from Bridges, was next. Kenny Smith (Bridges band leader), and Danny Blackwood (former Bridges member) on background vocals.
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Janine Silsby sang some show tunes. Debbie Turner accompanied on electric piano provided graciously by Donna Allen Keyboard. A good time was had by all.

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