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February 22, 2007
The End Zone Bar & Grill
Manhattan, KS

photos by Amy Thompson
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Jeremy and Danl toasting the evening Mike hammering away back in the corner
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I forgot this gal's name, but she was the next to "help" Jeremy with his guitar solo She and her husband were celebrating their anniversary
100_3713.jpg 100_3714.jpg 100_3715.jpg 100_3716.jpg
100_3717.jpg 100_3718.jpg 100_3719.jpg 100_3720.jpg
Then Jeremy's friend Jennifer showed up, so he had to get her to "help," too.
100_3722.jpg 100_3723.jpg 100_3724.jpg 100_3725.jpg
Can it be that hard to play bass? Good grief, I look like I'm dying!

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