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January 26-27, 2007
Heart Attack Jack's
Topeka, KS

photos by Amy Thompson
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Danny and Jeremy rocking out
100_3548.jpg 100_3554.jpg 100_3557.jpg 100_3560.jpg
Mike laying down a groove Les "Warlok" Roediger joined us to sing some ROCK!!
100_3562.jpg 100_3564.jpg 100_3569.jpg 100_3571.jpg
100_3572.jpg 100_3577.jpg 100_3578.jpg 100_3582.jpg
100_3583.jpg 100_3585.jpg 100_3586.jpg 100_3600.jpg
100_3588.jpg 100_3589.jpg 100_3591.jpg 100_3592.jpg
My sister Patti is drafted by Jeremy to help with a wailing solo.
100_3596.jpg 100_3597.jpg 100_3598.jpg 100_3599.jpg
Hey! What's he doing back there?!!

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