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June 02-03, 2007
Mulvane Art Fair, Washburn University
Topeka, KS

photos by Sharidy Fluke
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p6020001.jpg p6020002.jpg p6020003.jpg p6020004.jpg
Kenny Danny and Wyndi
p6020005.jpg p6020007.jpg p6020008.jpg p6020012.jpg
Sam Ellie singing with us Danny getting to sit in with Bridges for a guest appearance
p6020013.jpg p6020014.jpg p6020015.jpg p6020016.jpg
Kenny and Terry
p6030034.jpg p6030037.jpg p6030038.jpg p6030039.jpg
The previous pics were from Saturday afternoon. These and the rest are from Sunday afternoon.
p6030041.jpg p6030042.jpg p6030044.jpg p6030046.jpg
p6030047.jpg p6030048.jpg p6030049.jpg p6030050.jpg
p6030056.jpg p6030053.jpg p6030054.jpg
Kozette (left) joins us and Ellie for a big finale.

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