Ragamuffin World Premiere

Ragamuffin (the true story of Rich Mullins)
Orpheum Theatre, Wichita KS
January 9, 2014
Keeper of the Plains, at the confluence of the Arkansas and Little Arkansas rivers, is referenced in Rich's song "Calling Out Your Name." Wichita Orpheum Theatre, also site of the unofficial last date of the Homeless Man Tour for the Ragamuffin Band. Ragamuffin had been sold-out for weeks, but several folks on the waiting list were lucky enough to obtain tickets due to some cancellations. good thing it wasn't single digit cold for these folks who started the line more than an hour before showtime Mitch McVicker (left) strikes a pensive pose as he sets up his merchandise table. Warren Farha (right) brought a large selection of books from Eighth Day Books, Rich Mullins' favorite book store in Wichita.
Dave (left) and Lisa (right) Sprinkle of Hope In Transit with promoter Cheryl Hurley. Mitch's mom and dad just flew in from Topeka and BOY are their arms tired! :-) Dave and Lisa again this time with Jim Dunning, Jr. Jim was Rich's accountant, and Kid Brothers trustee, and was also took obver as Rich's manager the last few years of his life. (left to right) Isaac McCready, Erin Doom, Christiane Doom, Cheryl Hurley, Doris Howard, Sue Peniston, Sherri Howard McCready, Alex Kice (l. to r.) Ashleigh Phillips (screenplay co-writer with David Schultz), Britton Foster (camera), [unidentified gentleman], Cheryl Hurley (promoter)
(center of pic, l. to r.) Autumn, Sam, Tal, and Claire Speir (l. to r.) Robin Mullins and Cheryl Hurley Doris Howard passing in front of Mitch, Meghan Smith, and Hope Smith Mitch's mom, Wendee McVicker, getting ready for the VERY large crowd about to stream in. Matt Johnson (left - Assistant Minister at Andover United Methodist and Rich's cousin), James Bryan Smith (center - Rich's theology professor at Friends University, and his "landlord' for a time), Hope Smith (Jim's daughter and big sister to the heroine in Madeline's Song)
Kacie Mullins, Kathy Garrett, and Sherry Goodrum Autumn Speir and Kacie Mullins Kacie and Jonathan Mullins, Kathy Garrett Dave Mullins and Jimmy Duke (CEO of UpDog Studios) Jim Smith and Mitch McVicker
Mitch McVicker with Robin and Dave Mullins the doors are open and the crowd begins to stream into the historic Orpheum... ...and many head straight for the merch tables. There seemed to be a lot of "mini-reunions." almost showtime
the seats begin to fill fans ready for the show - Randy and Georgana Brown (right) and their friend Nancy Green (note Randy's t-shirt - the Appalachian Christmas Quartet was the long time project of Michaal Aukofer, member of Rich's band at the time of his passing.) Amy and David Schultz - (David's wife Amy portrays Amy Grant in the movie, and in addition to directing and writing, David also portrays Sam Howard in the movie) (left to right) Dave Mullins, Sam Speir (back row) Robin Mullins, David Schultz, Amy Schultz, Tal Speir, Autumn Speir, Eddie Speir, Claire Speir, and Jimmy Duke Dave & Robin and David & Amy are joined by Cheryl Hurley (Events Director and Concert Promoter at Central Christian Church in Wichita, Cheryl was also a long time friend of Rich.)
Dave Mullins, David Schultz, and Jimmy Duke Ben Nichols, Dave Holecheck (film editor and co-producer), David Schultz Dave Holecheck and his wife Stacy. Michael Koch (Rich), and David Schultz Michael's friend Kristin Deitrich, Michael, and David
Kristin Deitrich and Michael Koch unidentified fans longtime fan Betty Horn from Wichita the Diemer Family - (l. to r.) Kevin, Dennis, Kendall, & Mitchell (webmaster note: Kendall was the person who first alerted me to Rich's music at our small group Bible study in 1988.) Kristin Deitrich, Michael Koch, and David & Amy Schultz
Mitch and David Mitch and yours truly, webmaster Danl Blackwood Eric Hauck (member of Rich's band and currently Pastor of Worship Arts at Hope Community, Andover) and his wife Britt Hauck, Mitch, Robin, Dave DSC 0081c AND ... it's showtime
but first a word from Jimmy Duke of UpDog Studio Jimmy introduced Dave Mullins, Michael Koch, and David Schultz... ... and hosted a brief Q&A... ... giving them a chance to share about their passion behind this story and the making of this movie... DSC 0103
DSC 0105 DSC 0109 after-show shopping Kristin Deitrich and Michael Koch enjoying the post premiere reception at the Ambassador Hotel... ... as does Britt Hauck (center)...
organized by Inspired Events from the Mullins' recently new home state of Florida.. Doris Howard enjoys a visit with Rich's brothers Dave and Lloyd Mullins (Doris' late husband, Pastor Morris Howard, was the primary reason Rich moved to Wichita) Mitch visiting about the movie